About Annapurna Nepalese Restaurant

Located in Folkestone, Kent, we provide an authentic dining experience to guests from the local area. Everything that we serve is freshly cooked and authentic to Nepalese taste. We have been cooking for more than 6 years, and we’ve opened this restaurant to upgrade the services we offer. While we’re not the fastest for food, our quality is the best. Everything is made after ordering to ensure a fresh taste. Visit Annapurna Nepalese Restaurant for an amazing dining experience today.

An Authentic Experience

We believe in truly authentic, ethnic cuisine. Our entire team is from Nepal, and together we have selected, from our experience, the finest dishes that the country has to offer. The food is cooked after receiving the order from our customers, and nothing is pre-cooked. Our innermost enthusiasm for producing the best Nepalese food, along with our passion for food and cooking means that we’re able to offer an exciting taste of Nepal to expand your perceptions of food.

Call us, in Folkestone, Kent, to enquire further about our Nepalese restaurant.